Smoke Brushes

Smoke Brushes

Created by:   Photoshop-Stock

Description:  This is an awesome set of smoke brushes for Photoshop. They are high resolution brushes and the images are large and crisp. I have been looking for a good quality set of smoke brushes and am thrilled that I found these.

Photoshop version:  Photoshop CS

Number brushes in set:   34

License:   Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0

Brush sizes:   650 to 2500 pixels

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9 Responses to “Smoke Brushes”

  1. Robyn says:

    I was so bummed. I am unable to download the smoke brushes and they look so awesome. I have CS4. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  2. Susan Libertiny says:

    You should be able to upload the smoke brushes if you have CS4. The file format should be OK. What kind of error were you getting? Send me an e-mail and we’ll figure it out (

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  3. Quintin Wilton says:

    Hello, “I’m Sorry” it’s stupid question time, I seen the smoke brushes and was very keen to experiment with them, so I download the full .rar 30mb file and then I thought “where do I put them”, searched the CS3 folder and found some existing brushes in presets/brushes, but the files I found there (.abr) are a different format from what I downloaded, do i need to do something before loading them into CS3 or am I outting them in the wrong place?

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  4. Susan Libertiny says:


    No such thing as a stupid question. I sent you an e-mail with a detailed explanation. You need to decompress the .RAR file to get the brushes (.ABR file extension). Then you are correct, just load them into c:> Program Files> Adobe > Photoshop CS3 > Presets > Brushes and you are good to go.

    These brushes are AWESOME!

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  5. Derk-Jan says:


    I’m the CEO of our yearbook and I was wondering, since it costs money, if you would count that under commercial. We do not gain anything whatsoever.

    Let me know…

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  6. Susan Libertiny says:


    These are great brushes. They were created by Athena from Just send her a request to ask about her license agreements and terms of use.

    Thanks for visiting the site!

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  7. Photoshop-stock says:

    Hello everything these brushes are free for non commercial and also commercial use, have a good time and if you have any questions you can also email me:

    see you !

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  8. OD says: are awesome! i really love your brushes..i wish i could make one of this..

    Be good and more Power to you..

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  9. Scott says:

    I just downloaded these brushes. They are AWESOME! Very easy to load…just hit “extract”, and they went right into my Photoshop CS3 brushes menu.

    Awesome Brushes!
    Thank you much!


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